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How Long Do Dentures Last?

(& Other Frequently Asked Questions)

Denture Care FAQ

Williamsport Dental & Dentures in Williamsport, PA, is dedicated to fabricating dentures for our patients in-house. Caring for your dentures correctly is essential — if you follow the necessary steps, they will serve you well for long after they’re put in place!

I have bad credit and no insurance—what are my options?

We believe dentistry should be accessible for one and all. Through thorough treatment plans, we will provide you with clear estimates, so you can know the exact price-point. We also accept an array of third-party financing options.

Are you currently accepting new patients?

Yes! New patients are always welcome to join us at Williamsport Dental & Dentures! During your first appointment, we’ll perform a comprehensive exam, take x-rays, and establish a treatment plan.

Do dentures actually help?

Practicing proper care will ensure your dentures work for you! A myriad of patients with this comfortable and aesthetically pleasing substitute for natural teeth. Together, we’ll restore the confidence and health of your smile.

How long will dentures last?

Dentures can last anywhere between five and seven years. As they age, they will wear down and stain. Your mouth is also always changing which means you will require adjustments every so often. We recommend that you see us annually for a check-up. When dealing with denture issues, it is imperative that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Your comfort is our primary concern!

Will dentures affect my appearance?

Dentures aren’t just beautiful, they’re a comfortable mechanism you’ll be able to wear all day, every day. We look forward to helping you achieve your desired smile for years and years to come!

How quickly will I adjust to dentures?

Dentures can take up to a week or longer to adjust. When you first get them, they may seem too big and you may experience an increase in saliva. This happens to almost everyone! Your oral tissues and facial muscles need time to adapt. Once they do, you’ll enjoy your comfort and forget about this first stage!

Why do my dentures feel loose?

Often patients experience looseness in their dentures after they first get them. If your dentures slip, simply reposition them by biting down while swallowing.

How do I chew with dentures in?

It’s an adjustment, but with dentures, you’ll have to bite and chew differently. After first getting dentures, start with smaller portions and eat your food slowly, chewing on both sides of your mouth. Start with softer foods — this will help you get used to the feeling. In the beginning of the adjustment process, we find it is best to avoid sticky or hard foods.

Why does my speech sound different?

When your dentures are first installed, you may find that your speech sounds just a little different — this is normal! As your tongue, lips, and cheeks adjust to the dentures, your speech will return to how you normally sound. Speaking slowly will prevent your speech from sounding too muffled. If you are experiencing long-lasting issues, let us know — you may need your dentures adjusted.

Should I take my dentures out at night?

This is dependent on your specific needs! We are happy to work with you on figuring out what works best.

Can I use store-bought liners?

If you have issues regarding your liners, give our office a call! Relining your dentures yourself can cause major damage to your dentures and could potentially result in mouth injuries. Our staff will be able to identify any issues with your liners and correct the problem.

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