Mini Denture Implants: SnapFit Dentures - Mini-Denture Implant System

When dentures are the best solution for replacing several missing teeth, mini-implants combine some of the advantages of implants with the economy of dentures. Using an FDA-approved system of mini-implants called SnapFit, Williamsport Dental & Dentures puts an end to slipping dentures that can be embarrassing and get in the way of enjoying a meal.

The advantages are numerous:

How Does The Snapfit Mini Denture Implant System?

With the SnapFit system, your dentist places miniature implant posts in your jawbone that snap onto your dentures to hold them in place. Your dentist at Williamsport Dental & Dentures may even be able to use your existing dentures to cut costs. As a result, your dentures will look more natural and feel better too.

The results from having SnapFit added to your dentures are almost instant. Within a few hours, you will be eating more naturally, even enjoying foods you previously stayed away from due to the possibility of a dental mishap.

The SnapFit system we offer is simple to use, and what’s more, it is affordable. By providing roots that your dentures can snap onto, we can help you feel more comfortable with your teeth. When you need to remove your dentures for cleaning, removing them and putting them back in place is literally a snap.

Though SnapFit is a simple, effective system, doing the job right requires training and experience on the part of the dentist. The professionals at Williamsport Dental & Dentures are experienced in SnapFit and other types of modern dentistry, which enables us to offer you all current options.

If SnapFit sounds like a solution you want to explore, call our office today to schedule an appointment for a consultation about the best treatment plan for you. We hope to see you soon.